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Connecting The Community To Serve Students 


Forward and Beyond Outreach (FAB) is an independent, non-profit organization with IRS 501(c)(3) taxexempt status established in the Fall of 2017 for charitable and educational purposes. Forward and Beyond Outreach is an organization that works alongside local school districts, community leaders, and local businesses, utilizing a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers.


The Forward and Beyond Outreach Afterschool Program was developed to address the many obstacles that can potentially derail the journey of a student to a healthy, rewarding and productive life especially in underserved communities. Forward and Beyond is guided by a central belief that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. The focus of the program is to promote inspired learning, by providing a safe and supportive environment and improving education outcomes.

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CEO & Founder

My name is Brandon Andrew Montgomery and for all intent and purposes I would describe myself as an ordinary guy who has, to date, been exposed to a wealth of extraordinary people and experiences. The residual influence of these opportunities have been instrumental in shaping the framework for my life’s purpose and passion.

I recognize the impact of positive motivation and I also understand the value of introducing these cues to today’s youth. The sooner you are able to recognize your value, the sooner you can become an agent of change and impact the lives of others. My goal is to inspire and empower people to know that they have what it takes to set, reach, and exceed any expectation or goal in life.

- Brandon Montgomery, CEO

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