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Afterschool Mentoring Program

The FAB mentoring program is tailored to meet the specific needs of a given school and/or district.  FAB provides a relevant program curriculum geared towards personal growth, conflict resolution, social responsibility, academics and college and career readiness.

Staff Development and Leadership Training

The FAB staff development and leadership training program is designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate staff.  The unique approach offers clear and practical steps on how to move Forward and Beyond in the workplace. 


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Individual Youth Mentoring Program

We address the development of youth in our program additional through one-to-one mentoring, where they encounter new experiences, acquire essential skills, and develop relationships.


Mentors regularly take advantage of cultural events in the area and program-wide gatherings, while also enjoying the commonplace experiences of life.

Interested in the Mentor Training Program?

Program Statistics


Youth served by Forward and Beyond since 2017 


The number of youth waiting for an afterschool program in South Carolina


The amount of $ lost each year due to parental concerns about afterschool care

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